Weft Hair Extensions


Machine Weft Hair Extensions


Machine Weft Hair Extension


This is a marvelous new way to have a permanent hair extensions. Weft hair extension is held together with a band of fine threads. We use cornrow-tracking technique to attach weft extension. This is most widely used weaving technique where a client's natural hair is fully braided and serves as support for the weft hair extension. The weft hair extension is  then attached with a weaving thread and the client's natural hair is combed to cover the tracks. This technique results in great looking extensions. 


Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions


Hand-tied Weft Hair Extension


Hand-tied weft hair extension is manually woven into the weave and custom attention is given.  Hand-tied weft hair is smaller and thinner than regular machine weft hair. It is excellent for sew in weaves. Hand-tied wefts lay flat against your scalp to give you a more natural look.  Click the link below and watch the attachment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGpsckpAQoA


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Whether you want to go street or sleek with your hairdo, you can do it all without damaging your real hair. Soltera, the virgin hair, offers you a wide range of hair products including wigs, hair extensions, application tools, and more.


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